We specialize in personalized advice

With over 30 years of marketing experience, We’ve brought together a team of marketing experts, from traditional and digital know-how to provide you a cutting-edge understanding of what works to get you phone calls!

I’m Larry Rogers.

We have assembled a team of valuable knowledge and experience at a supreme level.  The Marketing Team is headed by the founder and president of Advice Marketing, Larry Rogers, who brings over 35 years of professional marketing expertise to lead the team.

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. It also needs to be the right message, on the right media, at the right time. That’s what we do for our customers. 

What we do


This type of advertising has only been available to companies with big budgets, until NOW!

Retargeting is going back after the people that have visited your website. This makes them warm leads and we use offers, branding, and reputation ads to bring them back to doing business with you.

Cold target marketing is about showing ads where they hang out and inviting them to your website.

We have over 200 sites where we can show these ads.


Video grabs 70-200% more attraction and interaction than static copy. Video alerts the senses and compels emotional engagement. Whether it’s a “Hero” Video for sales and website introduction, or a Story-telling Case Study with client testimonials, or short “Teaser” Videos within Social and Digital funnel marketing, Advice Marketing has tremendous experience and creative credibility to assist your messaging in nearly every business niche.


The power of direct-mail has been around since the first Sears Roebuck Catalogs in 1887! Today’s direct-mail uses a variety of special effects, target list management, compelling messaging with sensitive calls to action, along with interconnected marketing management with websites, emailing and social media. Advice Marketing can show you some unique ways to programmatic marketing involving a multiple media experience for the viewer, with strong tracking and phone call response.


Do you want to talk about attracting attention? Empower your sales team or tech service team with the most incredible marketing messaging on the planet. Your prospect in business, at a tradeshow, or through the mail, will be dazzled by a perfect sales message with multiple video buttons and the ability for your salesperson or closer to pick up the video brochure. That means another opportunity to close the sale! Advice Marketing can provide you with over 50 different shapes, sizes of video screens and delivery applications.


D.I.Y., Done-With-You, or Done-For-You programs to get Social Media working for you ina budget you can afford. We team up with experts in Social Media, Posting, and Creative Marketing to provide you with not just expertise, but with a system to learn the process yourself. 

We start by understanding your customers that you already have and where they hang out on social media and where they pay attention to ads like yours. It isn’t always where you think they will be paying attention.

Affordable Daily Digital Billboards

Have you always wanted to have a billboard on the heavy traffic areas of the freeway but knew it was too expensive.  We’re changing those Digital Billboards, with the assistance from a valued partner, to make billboards more flexible and less expensive, with ways to create a stronger image footprint right in your top area.  Achieve high traffic exposure where your prospects will see your message. We geo-target your ads on freeway digital billboards at a fraction of the price of standard billboards!

If neighborhood or city street boards are needed, we take care of that as well.  Billboards are great for making your other marketing messages stand out and get more results. 


We get to the heart of what sets you apart.

At Advice Marketing, we love to put our 30+ years of experience to work for nonprofit and charitable ventures. Please reach out to us if we can help your passion and worthwhile efforts succeed.

As a marketing advisor, you have to speak to your clients’ concerns, address their problems, and assure them of your credibility and expertise.

Browning Arms

The 90s were full of incredible opportunities for Advice Marketing to show its versatility in photo and video production. One such opportunity was our collaboration with Browning Arms, a major American firearm manufacturer. We successfully educated their audience through short videos by capturing the uniqueness, beauty, raw power, accuracy, and mobility of firearms.

VISA/Zions Bank

In 1995, Advice was awarded the contract to produce the first “How to PC Bank” video for Zions Bank, in cooperation with VISA. Back in the day, when cameras captured 0.3 MP videos, we were unique as a video production company that used computer-based information and screen capturing. And thanks to the training at Smith’s, we knew exactly what we were doing.


As an I.T. service provider and technical expert company serving small to large businesses along the Wasatch Front, sometimes it’s difficult to stand out. By joining some of their creative ideas, centered around a comic takeoff of the TV Sitcom, The Office, with our production expertise and detailed management, Advice Marketing was able to produce a unique video presentation, featuring the key points IT Tech offers to business, in a soft, light humorous fashion.

Smith's Foods

Before Smith’s Foods was acquired by Piggly Wiggly, and later Krogers, Advice Productions (Advice Marketing’s former name) assisted Smith’s Foods’ video production efforts. We collaborated with Smith’s Foods for four years to produce video material, including the monthly video magazine, CLOSE UP. Our efforts significantly boosted Smith’s Foods’ image and in-house corporate climate, resulting in its current owners acquiring it for a hefty price.

Museum of Ancient LIfe @ Thanksgiving Point

In 2000, Advice Marketing assisted Thanksgiving Point in one of their major grand openings – a Dinosaur Museum and a “Bone Hunter” creative theme with Film TV Commercials and audio versions. We assisted with the scripting, development of a film crew in Manti, Utah at a Turkey Farm, and Canyon Film Session hunting for the dinosaur, along with all the craft services, props and other detailed needs. This was completed as the museum was finishing construction. All accounts resulted in a marvelous Grand Opening with video playing on location too. Oh, by the way, we found the dinosaur… at the museum!

Nature’s Sunshine

In 1999, Advice Productions combined video production with Director and Authorware technology to create an interactive DVD with 52 questions. It was a novel experience for the customers as they could interact with the questions and obtain dynamic results. This campaign allowed Nature’s Sunshine distributors to collect invaluable customer insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, which were later used for product development.

Glenn Beck 2020 Fundraiser

Our team was delighted to be involved with the Glenn Beck 2020 Fundraising campaign. We worked to produce a video highlighting the diligence and workmanship put into the new George Washington painting by the renowned artist, Liz Lemon Swindle. Our efforts brought impressive results for the clients and the promise of long-term relationships.

ESCO Heating and Cooling

Over the past years, Advice has produced high-quality, budget-friendly videos for ESCO Heating and Cooling. We are not kidding when we claim to make video production and traditional advertising accessible to small businesses on a budget.

Why we are different

When you tell the passion and reasons for why you do what you do, Why You Get Up in the Morning, it resonates and compels your prospects, or target audience, to take action, or at least continue to find out more information about you or your company. There is no stronger communications vehicle than telling your story with video!

We focus on a “Mother Ship” of Video Information on Your Website, while providing our digital techs with shorter video teasers for Social/Google My Business/YouTube and other formats. This allows the prospect to be compelled or motivated to go onto your website to find out more and engage deeper into the sales funnels of Forms, Email Marketing, and Text Marketing, along with other tools.

From the first top-view of your Unique Story-telling Platform, which grabs their attention, to calls to action providing you leads to sell, a truly Compelling Story on Video can be a Gold Mine for your business.

Our Latest Work

Enter into a world of next-level marketing
Experience video content that captivates and converts your target customer

During this past summer we had the privilege of assisting my story matters in cooperation with the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints a campaign to assist prisoners in the state of Utah with the ability to tell their story and print and get to the heart of some of their issues. We produced a series of nine videos and here is one of the videos that we completed.

We Get to the Heart of What Sets You Apart

We, at advice productions and marketing, love to put our 30+ years of experience to work for nonprofit and charitable ventures. Please reach out to us if we can help your passion and worthwhile efforts succeed.

As a marketing agency, you have to speak to your clients concerns, address their problems, and ensure them of your credibility and expertise. Some 25-40 years ago, when traditional advertising and marketing was all the rage, marketers would concentrate on the branding of products and services and couple that information with any specials, offers or discounts.

During the past 10-20 years, Digital marketing expanded to very targeted marketing with individualized messaging, and building a following. In today’s mass of communication options, sharing a complete recipe of what, who, and where along with HOW and WHY are of critical importance to completely educate and empower your prospect with information.

At Advice Marketing, We start with a key Brainstorming Session to discover the top 10 most important “differentiators” or Unique Selling Positions so we can target important messages to very targeted demographics.


From Our Clients

“Thank you very much Advice Production for all of your fantastic customer service and amazing help with producing our commercial! You guys are great to work with and I just wanted to say Thank you very much!”

Mark Hult

Owner, State Trailer & RV Supply

Thank you very much Advice Production for all of your fantastic customer service and amazing help with producing our commercial! You guys are great to work with and I just wanted to say Thank you very much!

Yoshi Shiraki

Owner, Pet Leash

I always enjoy meeting with Larry. He’s a nice man with over 30 years of marketing experience. I look to him for marketing ideas, from print media to the new video cards. Very interesting ideas.

Jeff Butler

Pearson, Butler, Carson Law Firm

Larry is an amazing marketing professional with a creative mind that is rare in today’s marketplace. With his experience, proven track record, and talent he will help your marketing program get to the next level, and most importantly, obtain results.

Lance Paulson

American Family Insurance