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The Video Brochure is the new next level of marketing to take your prospect to a completely interactive level of TOUCH MARKETING. The better way to hand out information is because you are able to pick it up or have them mail it back!
PLUS.. you get the opportunity to sell them when you pick up the video brochure!



Grab attention like never before at your next trade show event by using the Video Brochure as the ultimate hand out!  

A trade show is a noisy place, making it difficult to show any multimedia presentation. By getting their attention with a variety of sizes and different shapes; custom shaping available upon request, you have the unique ability to allow them to see, hear, and touch your video. This incredible hand out is the best way to show off your products and services. It also gives you the opportunity to close the sale later, by picking up the video brochure from their home or business. This offers you the ability to reuse and recharge the Video Brochure, as well as changing your videos with new uploaded video content for the next usage.


Empower your sales team with the best multimedia presentation on the planet.  You no longer have to worry about your smart pad or laptop working.  With the Video Brochure, it works every time with it’s self-contained video playing device and you can choose from a variety of 4 sizes of screens (2.34″, 5″ 7″ or 10″ within a large 9″ x 12″ Presentation Folder).  For Door-to-Door Sales Teams, you have an ideal “setting device” with a tremendous video player to leave behind, allowing your “spiker” to close the sale when they return to pick up the Video Brochure.


Put your Tech Team to work as a salesperson by giving them a Video Brochure to show off all of your services to your home service customer. While doing their work, your customer can find out some of your other products and services on the Video Brochure.  The Service Tech can simply ask your customer if they have any interest in any other products and services upon completion of their work, taking the Video Brochure back to the office with them.  Your Office manager or Sales Team can refer to the Video Brochure messages with any future phone calls or emails to check about customer satisfaction or reviews.


It’s also a powerful waiting room tool, instead of just having your customer sit there reading those magazines.  Your customer can find out WHY your do what you do with a STORY-TELLING VIDEO, or watch multiple buttons about your other products or services.

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    We had Advice Marketing produce 200 video books for our field service people to share with existing and prospective customers. Our employees like them because they introduce an element of fun into sales visits. Our customers like them because they tell our story in a concise, compelling way. Prospective customers must like them because this campaign has already produced some new accounts for us. A video book is enough of a novelty that it gets passed around an office and nearly everyone watches the video all the way through. These clever devices reinforce our high-tech image.

    Kirk Magleby, General Manager, Nuvek, LLCOur customers like them because they tell our story in a concise, compelling way.