Marketing Services


Video Brochure

Stand out from all of the white noise. Every industry has it’s competitors, but now you can rise above competition with a marketing product that is totally unique.


Video Production

Videos are the most efficient and effective way a business can share and grow their brand. Tell your story through professional video production.


Direct Mail

Even more importantly in marketing circles, for businesses who want customers from the beloved Baby Boomer Generation – the ones with money – Direct-mail is the only race in town.


Media Management

During the last 4 decades, Larry Rogers and his team of experts with Advice Productions and Marketing, have experienced and produced a variety of multimedia marketing tools.


Digital Marketing

Get ready to experience exponential sales and marketing results. Through our cutting edge processes, online tools and experience team, your brand will expand like never before.


Radio Ads & Jingles

The copy content, music and catchy jingles are what sets your audio presentation apart from others. Place your message and brand clearly in your prospect’s head with the dynamic, creative services of Advice Marketing. From copy, to custom music, to creative sound effects and unique jingles, we can make your audio projects instantly memorable with effective branding and incredible music, a powerful duo!