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Having unique, interesting and informative copy is paramount in establishing proper messaging and imaging to your target audience. You have to speak to their concerns, address their problems, and ensure them of your credibility and expertise. Some 25-40 years ago, when traditional advertising and marketing was all the rage, marketers would concentrate on the branding of products and services and couple that information with any specials, offers or discounts. During the past 10-20 years, Digital marketing expanded to very targeted marketing with individualized messaging, and building a following. In today's mass of communication options, sharing a complete recipe of what, who, and where along with HOW and WHY are of critical importance to completely educate and empower your prospect with information. At Advice Marketing, We start with a key Brainstorming Session to discover the top 10 most importance "differentiators" or Unique Selling Positions so we can target important messages to very targeted demographics.

Compelling Story

When you tell the passion and reasons for why you do what you do, Why You Get Up in the Morning, it resonates and compels your prospects, or target audience, to take action, or at least continue to find out more information about you or your company. There is no stronger communications vehicle than telling your story than video! The stats are staggering (SHOW MARKS STATS FROM CURRENT NEW VIDEO) showing how much more effective video is than static, readable content. Our Brainstorming Sessions also empower us with those critical elements of your story which need to be told. We focus on a "Mother Ship" of Video Information on Your Website, while providing our digital techs with shorter video teasers for Social/Google My Business/YouTube and other formats. This allows the prospect to be compelled or motivated to go onto your website to find out more and engage deeper into the sales funnels of Forms, Email Marketing, and Text Marketing, along with other tools. From the first top-view of your Unique Story-telling Platform, which grabs their attention, to calls to action providing you leads to sell, a truly Compelling Story on Video can be a Gold Mine for your business.

Surround The Prospect

Within any messaging, marketing and sales system, the development of a strong strategy to Surround Your Prospect using the best channels to target your prospect/demographic is critical. You have to be savvy with your budget and maximize the prospect's exposure to your message with proper repetition. Using a balance of Traditional Advertising (TV, Radio, Billboards, Direct-mail and other venues) and Digital Marketing (Website, Google My Business, SEO, Paid Ads, Social and other formats) designed specifically for your target audience, will allow you to succeed in your business goals. Utilizing key marketing software tools which analyze and project results based upon other companies successes in other areas, combined with over 30 years of experience with a variety of vertical markets, we can develop a marketing campaign designed to provide you a strong return.

How We Do It

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The Small Business Marketing Dilemma


Freelancer Frenzy

Spending too much time and effort on unreliable and inconsistent freelance work.

Agency: Big Pond

Getting over-charged by large creative agencies that never deliver on promises.

Little Fish

Feeling overwhelmed and out-done by larger competitors.

Advice Marketing

Madison Avenue meets Main Street


Strategy Foundation

  • Branding, naming
  • Competitive positioning
  • Segmentation & targeting
  • Messaging
  • Design, style guide


Infrastructure Foundation

  • Website, landing pages
  • SEO/reviews engine
  • Social media
  • Marketing automation, email engine
  • Video, video brochures
  • Print, direct mail engine
  • Broadcast: TV, radio


Content Creation

  • Targeted, engaging, relevant
  • Creative
  • On-message, on-brand
  • Cost-effective: leverage across channels


Analytics and Tracking

  • Tracking and reporting
  • Digital & traditional channels
  • Reports and dashboards

Surround The Prospect

How We Do It

Learn How

Thank you very much Advice Production for all of your fantastic customer service and amazing help with producing our commercial! You guys are great to work with and I just wanted to say Thank you very much!

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I always enjoy meeting with Larry. He's a nice man with over 30 years of marketing experience. I look to him for marketing ideas, from print media to the new video cards. Very interesting ideas.

Jeff ButlerPearson, Butler, Carson Law Firm

Thank you very much Advice Production for all of your fantastic customer service and amazing help with producing our commercial! You guys are great to work with and I just wanted to say Thank you very much!

Yoshi ShirakiPet Leash

Larry is an amazing marketing professional with a creative mind that is rare in today's marketplace. With his experience, proven track record, and talent he will help your marketing program get to the next level, and most importantly, obtain results.

Lance PaulsonAmerican Family Insurance

Getting this awesome high-def video together was so much easier than I thought. Larry and his film crew were easy to work with and very self-sufficient. We provided them with links about us from our site, and they wrote the script for our video and made it sound awesome! They found the music, an awesome voice over guy, and worked with us on any changes we wanted to make! I would definitely use them again.

Jennifer HowardJack-it

Larry is very honest in his dealings and it is obvious that he wants to maintain a long term relationship of trust. They are a great company to work with!

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